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Bergamot history

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Bergamot growing and the producing and marketing of its essence, have been for the last sixty years, one of the few agricultural enterprises that have given a breath of international air to Calabria.

Apart from any cultural aspect there have been too, considerable benefits from the marketing of these essences to perfume manifacturers all over the world.

The best and vigorous bergamot trees grows only along the costal areas of Reggio Calabria and give the best fragrance for all the important parfume realizations. 

The Ministry of Agricultural Policies (Official Gazette R.I. 30.04.1999) has now recognised the bergamot essence from Reggio Calabria as a product of Protected Denomination of Orign (D.O.P.).

The Calabrian Regional Board now realises the importance that this exporting has had, and can have in the future in the Regional Budget and, therefore its responsabilities both in the scientific and cultural fields towards and enterprise that has such an exclusive hold on world market.

Bergamot tree origin

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The origins of the Bergamot tree are uncertain.

Most experts believe that it is a mutant of other species. All sorts of theories have been suggested as to the country of origin: China, The Barbados, Greece, Spain, The Canary Islands, but however the only place in the world where the Bergamot tree bears fruits is this small area of Calabria.

The probable etymology of the name is beg-armudi (the lord's pear) in Turkish because of the resemblance to a pear that the Bergamot fruit has.

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