envThe International regulation of the Bergamot Essetial Oil.



CoE                                                                         n° 137
ECOIN/CAS                                                           n° 8007-75-8
RIFM                                                                       n° 1973,11:1031
(Food & Cosmetics Toxicology)
FEMA                                                                      n° 2153 (GRAS)
FDA                                                                         n° 182.20
(GRAS-Natural Flavor extractive)

The policy of the I.FR.A. (International Fragrance Association) in the review of October 1978. recommends, while not taking into consideration bath salts, soaps and other articles that are washed off the skin; that for skin areas exposed to sunlight the 5-MOP (5-methoxi psoralene) of 75 p.p.m. should not be exceeded in the compound.

Taking into consideration an average content of 5-MOP of 0.35%, the level of oil of bergamot cold-pressed into the compound will be 2%.

The compound is present in the consumer's product in the measure of 20%.